Hear Us and See Us

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"Stella by Starlight" ~ Ballad by Victor Young. 
"Cherokee" ~ Swing by Ray Noble. 
"Canteloupe Island" ~ Jazz/R&B by Herbie Hancock. 
"Joy Spring" ~ Horn bebop by Clifford Brown. 
"Footprints" ~ Jazz waltz by Wayne Shorter. 
"Lucky Southern" ~ Bossa nova by Keith Jarrett. 
"Days of Wine and Roses" ~ Swingy stuff by Henry Mancini
"Estate (Summer)" ~ Beautiful ballad by Bruno Martino
"There Will Never Be Another You" ~ Racin' fast by Harry Warren

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"There Will Never Be Another You" ~ Swing standard by  Warren/Gordon, played live in Miami.
"Days of Wine and Roses" ~ From the movies by Henry Mancini, played live in Miami. 
"Autumn Leaves"  ~Jazz standard by Joseph Kosma, played live in Miami. 
"Estate" ~ Ballad by Martino / Brighetti, played live in Miami.
"The Preacher" ~ New Orleans style by Horace Silver, played live in Boca Raton.
"Route 66" ~ Classic by Leiber / Stoller, played live in Boca Raton with singer Terri Gonzalez.